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Restoring a failed cPanel Apache build

If the Apache rebuilt is successful but httpd cannot be started due to configuration issues the following scripts can help to restore a previous or archived build.

# /scripts/easyapache --restore-archive
Bring up UI to choose available archives and restore them if desired

# /scripts/easyapache --restore-archive=listonly
List available archives only

# /scripts/easyapache --restore-archive=/path/to/easyapache/archive
Attempt to restore this build archive
!! only use if you are 100% sure the path is an easyapache build archive !!

Automatic Sub Domain Creation

For those of you who have wanted to sign up for hosting but didn’t have a domain name to use, you know that we allow you to use a sub domain off our ALURIUM.NET domain name. A fully qualified domain name is required because our Railo integration requires that a fully qualified domain name be use to map the host header to the directory path of the account.

Well, up until now you had to ask us to set this up for you because there was no way to automatically test to see if a sub domain name was available for use. Today we released a module that allows you to test the availability of a subdomain in the order form and use an available sub domain and have it provision automatically.

To use a sub domain simply begin by selecting the hosting plan you wish to use. When adding a domain to the account use the ALURIUM.NET drop down from the TLD list and type in a sub name you would like to use.


After you have made entered the sub domain name you wish to use and selected ALURIUM.NET from the drop down menu, click on the check domain link to see if the name you have selected is available. If the sub domain name is already in use by another client you will see the following message.


Otherwise, if the sub domain name is available, you will see the following message with a button allowing you to add the domain to your hosting account.


That is all there is to it. When you submit your order your account will provision automatically and you will have full access to the hosting resources provided by the account level you selected.

Enable Directory Listing in Railo running on Resin

Automatically generated directory listings are not what you probably want to have enabled on a production server, but for a development box they do come in handy. If you are running Railo server edition packaged with Resin you may be wondering how to enable Directory Listings on your development box. That is the subject of this post. By default Resin comes pre-configured to enable directory listings, but this setting is missing in the version of Resin server that is packaged with Railo, at list the beta 3.1 version which was available at the time of this writing.

Adding this capability back in is quite simple. You must modify the resin.conf file which is installed in the conf directory of the Railo install directory. I’m on a Mac and I installed Railo in a directory under Applications so my path to the Resin.conf file is /Applications/Railo/conf/resin.conf. Fire up your favorite editor and open up this file. Find the <web-app-default> block and add the following code to it:

  <servlet servlet-name="directory"

Now all you have to do is restart Resin and you should now have directory listings enabled.