Aliso Viejo Children’s Class – Week Two

After the success of the first week my wife and I were looking forward to the second week of the class. We weren’t sure if the first week was a fluke or not. We had expected to get a couple of kids during the first few classes and had anticipate having to grow the class slowly. Having 24 kids come out on the first day was rather surprising. We didn’t know what to expect for the second week.

We had made a decision to change the class from Friday afternoons to Saturday mornings because of homework club and day light saving time that was just upon us. Friday morning of the second week I went to the community early in the morning on my way to work and posted fliers letting people know the class would be on Saturday morning.

So Saturday my wife and I show up and as I was parking the car we hear someone call “Peter,” “Peter.” We both looked at each other but dismissed what we heard. We get out of the car and around the corner comes Jesus, a boy that I had met last week. Jesus asks “Peter, are we going to have a class today?” To which I replied yes, and we were off to the races. Jesus and his cousin Sam started helping us setup the blankets and chairs. Then he and my wife went around the community to collect the children.

Eventually the kids started showing up and we got started. The topic for the second week of class was Justice and the quote the kids learned was “Tread ye the path of justice for it verily is the straight path.” The excitement of the first week was still thick in the air. We have about 17 kids come out for the class and we had lots of fun.

This time I remembered to take my camera and got some nice shots of the kids enjoying themselves and just having fun.